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Chapter 03


We are really sorry for our previous release credits page….We thought people might consider it as a joke and laugh but it had total opposite effect.


Chapter 02

Chapter 02

Here is our first release. Ofcourse its not HQ but we have tried our best(atleast translator have tried his best).

So you can blame all the quality blame on the typsetter(post writer) but I would request you to praise our tiny little translator.She really tried her best.

Chapter 02 (raws):

Pleases support the author by visiting it.

Thank You.

Hello world!

The title of our post says it all. Hello World.

We are a Low Quality group(transaltor and typsetter) formed mainly formed for Killer Stall. No “group” is doing this project and we dont consider MP as a group. While their rerleases might be in higher quality than us but we will try our best too.

We are like a spoiler group….

Please support the author by visiting the following link and reading some raws:

Before ending my post,I would love to request any HQ group out there to pick Killer Stall….Please!! I am begging you.

Thank You.